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Participants can register for the entire event, just the training (one or both days), the main conference, or for one of the hackathons. There are different registration levels for students and post-docs, other non-profit researchers, and industry.

If you are attending GCC2016 training events, you are encouraged to review the schedule and topics before registering. Select the topics to attend during the registration process.

You can also reserve lodging during registration. The conference is providing two lodging options, both quite affordable and close to the conference venue:

  • The Indiana Memorial Union Biddle Hotel and Conference Center is the location for most conference events. Single occupancy rooms are $99 per night, and double occupancy rooms are $109 per night (that’s $54.50 per person per night).
  • The Wilkie Residence Center is an IU residence hall within a 15-minute walk of all conference events. Single rooms are $55 per night.

See the conference location page for more details on lodging options.

Cancellations of registration and lodging will be eligible for a 90% refund up to May 13, 2016. Cancellations received between May 14 and June 3, 2016 will be eligible for a 50% refund. No cancellation refunds will be issued after June 3, 2016.


Meeting participants have the option to register for the main conference only (including the conference dinner/reception), or the main conference, and a hackathon and/or one or both days of training.

Training at GCC has been extended to two full days, each featuring five tracks with three sessions each. You can pick from 30 different sessions over both days and participate in 15 hours of intensive hands-on training. 

Early registration starts at less than $70 per day for students and post-docs.

Training days and conference

by May 20 by June 4 after June 4
1 day 2 days 1 day 2 days 1 day 2 days
Student/Post-Doc $130 $175 $185 $255 $370 $485
Other Non-Profit $195 $255 $265 $345 $540 $690
Industry $280 $375 $395 $515 $790 $1,010

Conference only

by May 20 by June 4 after June 4
Student/Post-Doc $105 $145 $280
Other Non-Profit $165 $215 $420
Industry $235 $325 $630

Training only (one or both days)

by May 20 by June 4 after June 4
1 day 2 days 1 day 2 days 1 day 2 days
Student/Post-Doc $45 $85 $60 $115 $110 $215
Other Non-Profit $70 $130 $90 $170 $160 $310
Industry $105 $200 $130 $250 $230 $450


The Galaxy Community Fund is offering registration and lodging scholarships for students and post-docs in historically under-represented groups, and to those from or based in low and lower-middle income economies, as defined by the World Bank. If this describes you or one of your students, we hope to receive an application.

Scholarships cover registration and lodging during the GCC meeting. For any training or hackathon events, the applicant has the choice to attend. Scholarships do not cover travel or other expenses. See the scholarship application form requirements and deadlines.

2016 GMOD Meeting

The 2016 GMOD Meeting will be held at Indiana University immediately following GCC2016. GMOD is a consortium of open-source software projects, including Galaxy (and many others that directly interoperate with Galaxy), that address common challenges with biological data. 

The two meetings are related but independent of each other and each has their own registration process. However, the two events are sharing housing, and you can book the GMOD Meeting lodging at the same time you book your GCC lodging.

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