Frequently asked questions

Important dates:

  • Poster, visualization, and computer demo submissions: due May 20, 2016
  • Early registration: until May 20, 2016
  • IMU hotel block closes: June 4, 2016
  • Regular registration: until June 4, 2016
  • Residence hall block closes: June 17, 2016
  • Lightning talks: call will go out once GCC16 events have started

What if I accidently made my flight reservations to Bloomington, IL instead of Indianapolis, IN?
Reschedule your flight. Or you can rent a car for the 3.5-hour trip from Bloomington, IL to Bloomington, IN.

How do I get from Indianapolis International Airport to IMU?
See the location page. There are several inexpensive options from the airport to the IMU. Advanced reservations are recommended to make sure there is room on the shuttle. You’ll have to walk, Uber, or taxi from the IMU to Wilkie.

How do I make housing arrangements for the co-located GMOD, Science Gateways Community Institute Kickoff, or Midwest Data Hub meetings?
Click on the Register now button on the registration page. Then choose No for all options except housing, where you will put in your housing request.

How do I change my registration or housing after I have already registered?
Go to the registration page, click “Register now,” log in using the credentials you chose, click on “View my registrations” at the top, click on “Edit.” Use the back button at the bottom to make changes. Then click forward to re-submit.

How do I pay for lodging and registration using separate means (two different credit cards for instance)?
Fill out the registration form, but only choose your registration options (not housing). Submit and check out using your first payment information. Use the same directions above to re-enter/edit your registration. Add your housing options. When submitting, enter your second payment information.

What if I want to reserve a double room at the IMU (conference hotel) for myself?

  • Register as you normally would, choose IMU Double with a roommate in the housing section, put Your Name in the roommate field.
  • Register again and choose “Not attending” for all options except housing. In housing choose IMU Double with a roommate and put your name in the roommate field.

How do I book my spouse/partner in the same hotel room as me?
Register them using a different email address and choose the “Housing only” option on the first page. Then choose “No” for all options except housing, where you will put them in as the other half of your Double Room at the IMU or Single Room at the residence hall. Make sure on your registration that you indicate their name as your roommate in the appropriate field.

What if the housing room type I want is sold out?
Use the “Questions? Contact us” button on the organizers page and let us know. We are rearranging constantly to try to accommodate every request.

How do I request a Visa letter?
Send proof of registration/payment, full (given/legal) name, legal address, source of funding, name/email (if available) of contact at embassy to: iuconfs@indiana.edu.

How do I make housing arrangements in the IMU hotel if I missed the June 4 housing deadline?
Contact the conference hotel for hotel accommodations. The price will be higher than the conference rate. Availability is not guaranteed.

How do I make housing arrangements in the residence hall if I missed the June 17 housing deadline?
The only way to book at the residence hall after June 17 is to hope they have availability (they most likely will) and show up in person. The price will be higher than the conference rate. Credit cards and cash are viable forms of payment.

What if I arrive at the Wilkie Residence Hall and the front desk is not open?
The Wilkie Residence Hall desk is open 8am–midnight on weekdays and 10am–midnight on weekends. Individuals who arrive after hours should push the black button on the phone outside the residence center. Punch in 6-4804 (will be posted by phone) and the staff member on duty will come right down to help. By comparison, the IMU hotel desk is open 24 hours.

What are the specs for poster presentations?

  • Physical poster size:  No greater than 4 feet x 4 feet / 122cm x 122cm
  • Posters will be hung with thumbtacks on a felt board
  • Plan to hang your poster as soon as you arrive on Tuesday, June 28 in Alumni Hall/Solarium
  • All posters must be hung by Noon on Tuesday and stay up for the duration of the conference
  • Any posters left hanging after the conference on Wednesday will be recycled
  • Plan to be available at your poster during your presentation period http://gcc16.sched.org/ 
  • Printing is available in Bloomington

What should I expect when presenting my Visualization and/or Computer Demo?

  • Demo stations will be available in Alumni Hall/Solarium throughout the conference
  • Each station will have a monitor to connect your laptop and electricity nearby
  • Most monitors are 3D capable
  • Some dongles will be available (monitors have all standard connections available)
  • Stand-alone demonstrations, which do not need a human to direct, may be left connected to the monitor throughout the conference
  • Demonstrations which require human intervention or if you do not have an extra laptop to connect may be connected when the person demonstrating is available
  • All demonstrations must be available during your scheduled presentation time http://gcc16.sched.org/

Can I view GCC16 sessions remotely?
Use the Schedule to find the session you would like to view and note the room where it is located.  All training sessions on 6/25-26 and all main presentations 6/27-28 are available LIVE (and best viewed via Chrome web browser):

An archive of each session will be available after the conference ends (by or before August 1, 2016).