Coding Hackathon

How to get involved.

GCC2016 Coding Hackathon

The GCC2016 Coding Hackathon will bring together developers from the Galaxy community to extend Galaxy’s core functionality, the set of tools available for Galaxy, and better integrate Galaxy with other projects and ecosystems. The Coding Hackathon is one of two hackathons at GCC2016, and we will again be co-located with the concurrent Data Wrangling Hackathon/Datathon. As at last year’s events, we expect this proximity to benefit both hackathons.

This is the third GCC Coding Hackathon. Due to increasing popularity and to keep the hackathon cohesive, participation is limited to 40 people.

The Coding Hackathon will take place in the Scholars' Commons IQ-Wall Room of the Herman B Wells Library on the Indiana University campus. The library is within easy walking distance from both conference lodging options.

Who should attend?

The GCC2016 Coding Hackathon is for you, if you

  • are passionate about improving Galaxy and related projects,
  • write code (and enjoy it!),
  • know or want to learn something about the Galaxy codebase,
  • have an idea of something new you’d like to make happen,
  • want to work with others to build things.

See the general GCC2016 hackathons page for more information and please contact the GCC2016 Coding Hackathon organizers if you have any questions.